Tuesday, September 26, 2006

jesus save us....

well this is going to be really really rude and abusive
the first day of college starts out with the initiation of torture "you have a new teacher for journalism this year" no points for guessing who told us this...so do we have any winneres, yeah we do!!! the teacher who was more than GOD for us he enters class the first day and all of us are happy in our own worlds happy coz we're looking forward to a whole new year of interestin classes with this gentleman and the first day this is what he tells us...
well y this was done to us is not known but i'm sure whoever did this is being cursed by each person from 2nd jpeng every minute...
y us??? what the hell did we do its not our fault and this new person supposedly teachin us journalism keeps reminding us of how inferior in knowledge we r in comparison to him...and my heart feels like shouting out "look dude whoever u r just get the hell outa here...we dont need u" liek hel;lo i have some manners in me i respect him for whoever he is but there's a limit to torture and just coz we're autonomous that doesnt mean that teachers jus walk in to our class and do whatever they want wit us..
every minute in college i feel like a goat bout to be slaughtered any oment and this isn't fair the worst part is there's no unity. everyone hates things that r happening but no one says or does anything bout it WHY WHY WHY!!!!
why do we have to tolerate people we dont like
i swore on my forst day that i'm not going to listen to a word of what is being taught in the journalism class and true to my word have been following it...its true when you don't like the teacher it influences the interest in the subject too...i've hated the subject since the start of this year...
WHY us????
shit i'm so pissed and frustrated with things???

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

movie spoof

well the worst thing we ever did and the only day i enjoyed to the core...
i dono what made me go participate in movie spoof this year.saturday morning i come to college go to the class look at the notice board and see that movie spoof prelims today at one and i dono what had gotten in to me i ran down spoke to some first yrs and in half an hour i had a team ready... now while sitting there everyone's staring at me expecting me to say somethin and i'm wondering y i'm doin this but at last we got started and came up with ultimate nonsense and worst of all we went and performed toooo!!!
i mean how stupid can i get??? but yeah what the hell i atleast participated noone else bothered to...
now after we were done priyanka and me went to the kiosk ate something went to the pebbles park and burst out laughing at all those stupid things we've ever done together (like standing ouside the media lab, too embarassed to ask for re-embursement-however thats spelt and making a fool out of ourself when sir suddenly came out) anyways we catagorised this movie spoof thingi as the most stupid thing we've ever done together...
and now when i sit on this ugly looking red chair and make the tales of our stupidity immortal, the only thing that washes away the smile off my face is the wicked looking eyes of whoever this guy is who sits next to me and stares at me evertime i wanna laugh loudly...i dono what that means but i'm a lot more confused now than i usually am...whatever.!

Monday, September 11, 2006

why am i here?

its been a long time since i posted somethin... saw lzafeer's blog and got inspired to post. well all of us(atleast lazy bums like me) need their share of inspiration.
a hell lota things happening nowadays. in to this media relations thing and its like half my time i'm in the media lab or running around in the buses to give in the press releases. aayio its becoming a pain now...i dont really like this kinda life dono what on earth had gotten in to me that i landed up here doin journalism...probably a peaceful happy calm life is what i'd dreamt of and here i am... in to a field where expecting a peaceful life would be impossible...
but its damn cool too sit around with friends doin nothing basically... saurabh,jd ,malli and me oh my god what fun v all have...will always treasure these moments.
u'll find us all round college at one point of time we're happily swinging on the cafeteria chairs and the other minute we're in the food court jus lazing around...dono what keeps us so long in college but its jus solid fun.
and then the ripping on the bikes oh god never had such friends and anever had such fun...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

its all happening

its all getting started now, all the fun all the excitement bout the fests and its evenmore exciting coz we are organising inprint this year...it was just 3-4 days back when i was sitting in the journalism class with my head down crying coz i thought i wasen doing anything for inprint.was sad coz i wasent given any resposilbility, was wondering if i was so useless and unproductive that i was just sitting around in class jobless while the whole world around me was working hard.i had done my part tried for sponsers, got the posters made and put it up on the notice boards and involved myself in to it. it was like the joy came back to me i was so happy i was working.
Deepa ma'am asked me one fine day if i ever get tired. i din't know what to say i stood there in amazement thinking to myself stumped by the question. thinking of all that i do sometimes even without knowing i'm doing it, shouting all day in class making announcements, running around for the chief guest, making posters, dropping suggestions bout the decorations, deciding the appropriate judges and yet going and attendind seminars... ah seems like a long list but its fun. at the end of the day i can proudly say i've had an eventful day...well i do get tired but i have a sound sleep if i've done something creative...touch wood.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

classroom controversies

its a really really bad feeling when your classmates treat you badly.and its worse when you know you haven't done anything wrong.its just like everyone likes you so i hate you,to put it in very simple terms.Anything that the class has to organise as a whole is always very difficult,coz many things come in the way.Ego clashes,different opinions,majority and minority decisions but now we're organising a big event, an event that i had palns of organising since last year when i saw my seniors preparing and running about for it.it was brilliant last year i thought but i'm sure we'll try to rise above the standards they've set.
classroom controversies are somthing that isn't absent in anyclass.i speak a lot for everyhting the teacher asks i have to give an answer even though the inner voice says,'shut up and put your hand down thats the wrong answer' even then my hand just pops up automatically and i have no idea what to do bout it.have made a fool of myself many a times.but as soon as the teacher asks something i see my hand swaying in the air and my mouth goes bla bla bla...
the worst part of the whole thing is that i speak bout anythingfrom my point of view i personalise my answers ofcourse when its neccesary to.but that brought me in to many problems too,last year i got in to many situations where i hardly opened my mouth to answer and there would be ten people contradicting my point. and so much so that after every answer i gave i had to add the words "thats what 'I' think" only then i wouldn't have people pouncing on me and sayin thats wrong and i dont agree....
but the point is all this will end after these 2 years of college that are left.
and these small fights small disagreements, rivalrys and all this will just stay in our memories and some day we'll laugh back at these days and sigh "aw!!! how stupid i was..."

Sunday, July 23, 2006

lazing around.

well sunday,cool breeze and a sydney sheldon novel.all these things remind me of only my cozy bed where i can sit comfortably with a blanket wrapped around me and read the novel.thats what i can expect to do on a sunday...its so boring and drowzy."taking bath on a sunday is a sin" is what i told my mom yesterday and got shouted at badly too coz of this statement.I kept avoiding work,but there are hardly some days when there's less work to do.so many articles to write, for so many newsletters,inprint coming up,and the assignments ah i've cribbed enough...so i'll go do some work now.

Friday, July 21, 2006

when things change.

time changes...heard of it.
looks change....heard of it.
people change...??? well i haden't heard of it untill yesterday.
romal kept telling me last year that many people will come in to your life and many people will leave too,but i din't believe it.for me life was one sweet dream where everything and everyone i wanted to be with me were always there...but reality struck me recently.it takes very less time for me to know a person and get attached to him/her very soon.(emotionally attached) and when i see those people leaving me and going away its very very depressing.but as someones's said 'life goes on and things do change but the only thing that will never change is the feelings i have for u'...and so today morning when i was staring at that stupid girl in the mirror, i realised that i'll have to move on in life.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

life never stops

its been only a year at christ and everything seems so familiar here.but things aren the same lots and yes i mean it looots has changed since last year.Since i'd entered college my seniors had been kind enough to show me what college is going to be like by mistake i let slip in that i was a big Barkha dutt fan and my dear classmate Sudeep (who isn't in christ anymore,i miss his pranks)told our seniors this and they caught me the next morning and surrounded me while the boss 'Payal' came out from the class and said "so,you want to be like barkha dutt hah?tell me when she was born???" and i was shocked...but life moved on and now payal is like my guiding light telling me what to do when and holding me when m going in the wrong direction...
well yeah things have changed and the thing i miss the most this year is the journalism class with the best teacher i've ever met Mr.Naresh Rao.man can someone imagine a journalism class without him...but as things were destined to be i hate saying this but this is the worst thing that can ever happen.it was so much fun with him in the class.we'll miss it like hell and we're sad because we'll be missing one golden year with a man who redefined my aim for me...who showed me that journalism isn't just blabbering out the truth,its about living the truth and yet not showing it to the world...well gotta go have class now.