Wednesday, August 13, 2008

and it happened!

He asked, What is it that you want for your birthday?
She smiled...
Don't fear, just tell me...
She whispered, can you give me what Ginny gave Harry on his 17th birthday?
Can we make it a night to remember?
Can we sit here smiling at each other forever and ever?
Can you reflect the same warmth that I hold in my eyes?
Can we just sit here forever...?
He stood up
and turned,
He went away... to never return back.
He was gone... even before the dewy droplet left her eye...
He’d never return, never come back., never look back and see her sitting there waiting for him to turn.
She wanted to run, to shout out his name, to stop him, plead and tell him she won’t ask for anythin again. Maybe he’ll return... but maybe he won’t!
She din’t want anythin more than him, her world was shattered and tears rolled down her fair cheek. She wanted to forget him, wanted to get up and run away to nowhere,
She wanted to cry and wail over her lost love... She couldn’t!
She just sat there and eternity dawned and she sat waiting for him to return, waiting for him to come back, waiting for him to come back and tell her its all a joke, waiting for him to promise that he’s always going to be there for her...
She waited thinking that the impossible might happen and he never came, he never turned to look could he be so heartless?
is it wrong that she wants to love him?
is it wrong that she loved him more than anyone, anythin ever?
is it wrong that she had promised her life and death unto him?
is it wrong that she wanted to sit there waiting for him to return, take her in to his arms and kiss her like no one’s ever kissed her?
is it wrong that she waited while the tears kept rolling down?
She had no hope, no dream, no life left...she was dead!