Monday, August 10, 2009

messed up?

unrecognisable is one word everyone threw at me in the last one week. The 22nd August of my life, shit, what haven't I done in this one month..? heh and its only been 11 days. From everything I went to nothing, from having all of it, i'm left with none. I questioned myself, do I feel sad about it? After three hours of pondering over this sitting in a corner with steaming hot lasagna at sweet chariot, I realised that I don't think its sad or anything... its just pathetic. Not me, the circumstances...
Does it matter to people that i'm not the person I was before, does it matter that I've changed my thought process, that i've changed my ideals and principles that I stood by... they've changed, for the good or bad, i have no idea. does it matter to people, to people who considered me their closest friends...random shit. blah.

Points to note:

1. Ethics of journalism and jazz that they teach u in college is all bullshit... there are a whole different set of ethics that govern this world, this world outside the closed world of college. YES its true, its a rat race and at the end of the day, all that matters is how far u've got and whether you've got ahead of others... YES that's how it works here, learn to live with it.

2. Mistakes have consequences, so face them like a man.

3. Stick by your stance till you die. DO NOT change yourself for any random person/ reason.

4. Emotions are harmful. Do not get emotionally carried away/attached.

5. Move on!