Tuesday, July 25, 2006

classroom controversies

its a really really bad feeling when your classmates treat you badly.and its worse when you know you haven't done anything wrong.its just like everyone likes you so i hate you,to put it in very simple terms.Anything that the class has to organise as a whole is always very difficult,coz many things come in the way.Ego clashes,different opinions,majority and minority decisions but now we're organising a big event, an event that i had palns of organising since last year when i saw my seniors preparing and running about for it.it was brilliant last year i thought but i'm sure we'll try to rise above the standards they've set.
classroom controversies are somthing that isn't absent in anyclass.i speak a lot for everyhting the teacher asks i have to give an answer even though the inner voice says,'shut up and put your hand down thats the wrong answer' even then my hand just pops up automatically and i have no idea what to do bout it.have made a fool of myself many a times.but as soon as the teacher asks something i see my hand swaying in the air and my mouth goes bla bla bla...
the worst part of the whole thing is that i speak bout anythingfrom my point of view i personalise my answers ofcourse when its neccesary to.but that brought me in to many problems too,last year i got in to many situations where i hardly opened my mouth to answer and there would be ten people contradicting my point. and so much so that after every answer i gave i had to add the words "thats what 'I' think" only then i wouldn't have people pouncing on me and sayin thats wrong and i dont agree....
but the point is all this will end after these 2 years of college that are left.
and these small fights small disagreements, rivalrys and all this will just stay in our memories and some day we'll laugh back at these days and sigh "aw!!! how stupid i was..."