Sunday, July 29, 2007

lots of shit

well lots of shit happening!!! mis-understandings, accusations (false) and crappy stereotyping! why is it that always people tend to mis-understand circumstances and dont even make an effort to come and clear their doubts about another person (if its bothering them so much), before calling them offending names! all i told him was that the whole class is speaking bout u, and lo wat it is interpreted as is that i'm actually like snitchin? like after what happened last year i'm really really bothered to speak bout things like these! my own bloody friendly relations are screwed and ppl think i'm out there scrwing their realtions.
A two year long friendship, good times at mid day and pjs all lost in the unconscious, all that remains is the present memory of the insulting words she used. i respected her for what she is... i liked her as a good friend, someone whom i'd remember and want to know after college. but all ruined! its k life moves on and things do change but the only thing that will not change is the pleasant thing that we once shared...Friendship! peace out!!!