Sunday, May 04, 2008

Workin @

Well I know its too early to pen down my experiences bout DH, but still the first week @ work has been pretty eventful.
DAY 1 - Monday- came to office @ 10(my reporting time) and met Mr.Nambodari....He tells me I gotta come back @ 2!!! Damn... i'm stuck i go back all the way home or wait...but where... anyway did somethin...came back @ 2 and m sittin...waitin...waitin...They din give me any work to do.. its so weird. I mean nothin.
DAY 2 - Tuesday-I get 2 articles to edit...Suspicions rise...m goin mad...editing editing...bored...editing... I HATE THIS JOB...
DAY 3 - Wednesday-Dyin... someone get me out of this place...came ...editing... bored... hating this place... waiting to talk to someone...silence and keyboard noises killing me...actually the silence around almost murdered me... haven spoken to anyone for 3 days in a row...shocked that i cud stay silent for so long...met Priya! Friendly gal... Sub Editor...actually even m one apparently...still bored. tomm's leave...may 1st- labour day...yipppieeee!!! finally...i'm runnin away and never comin back...
spoke to Priya.. She's totally opposite... as in I told her i enjoy more of Reportin although I don mind editing and stuff ( HORRIFYING LIE ) anyway and so she's like i love sitting @ a place and workin rather than runnin around reportin. We had dinner to meet a few others.
Went home - small tiny very tiny feeling of yeah the place is OK...JUST OK came up... Sleepin...
DAY 4 - THURSDAY- YEAH!!!TV, food, sleepin, Harry Potter Book one... (started re-reading the entire series a few days back) DID NOT MISS OFFICE AT ALL!
DAY 5 - FRIDAY - Came back...lookin 4 priya... not aroun yet i guess,, anyway...waitin for work...nothin as yet...
3:40 pm ORKUT'S not blocked anymore... yahoo...!!!
4:15 pm ORKUT'S borin...!!!
5:00 pm Work arrives... 3 articles to edit...thank god have somethin to do atleast.
5:30 pm Idli vada sambhar
6:00 pm work done...waiting
6:00 pm Thinking... "have checked out the profiles, rumours, gossip, pictures, articles and criticisms of all the cute actors (tv and movies). Nothin to do... oh boredom!!!
6:30 pm 'Creation of a genius' -- Name of my new poetry collection. Theme- Boredom @ workplace..
ok this is getting too much
DAY 6 - SATURDAY - Going to miss Roadies today :( office timings r 2-9pm.
Lotsa work...actually to be precise 4 loooonnnnggg articles to edit.
Mid-way discussions wit priya over Harry Potter, Rodies and Fiction.
Breaking News- NIHAL'S dad is one of my seniors @ office!!!
not REALLY excited,,, jus yeah ok types excited.
I always tot, sincer day 1 that my boss s a expressionless 'like I care' types lady...but she called me 4 dinner tonite,,, waited till I logged out and had dinner with priya and me...I know its not somethin really really big... but still i expected her to be this 'SHUT UP YOU TRIANEE' or 'MY GOD THESE TRAINEES MESS UP THE JOB' types chick but she turned out to be pretty ok.!!

Anyways...saw the last over of the match in office today and FINALLY... Bangalore Royal Challengers won!

DAY 7 - SUNDAY - Blogging! its 6 pm and no in my boss and her boss and his boss isnt in office yet...dude my reporting time on sundays is supposed to be 3 pm (to 10 pm) and hello i've been here 3 hrs now...whr r these guys??? give me some work before I die???
have u seen someone begging for work like this!!! ever??? is good, next month am reporting 4 d school more sub editor!!! enuf sitting in a place and sulkin...

almost forgot the big fight with Mr.JT and huge mails explainin why I hate my first job!!! and replies from him to peace out...and be patient and calm,...!!!
anyways have taken his advice and am sticking to DH for a while now... say 3-4 months and lets see how things turn out!!!