Sunday, August 06, 2006

its all happening

its all getting started now, all the fun all the excitement bout the fests and its evenmore exciting coz we are organising inprint this was just 3-4 days back when i was sitting in the journalism class with my head down crying coz i thought i wasen doing anything for inprint.was sad coz i wasent given any resposilbility, was wondering if i was so useless and unproductive that i was just sitting around in class jobless while the whole world around me was working hard.i had done my part tried for sponsers, got the posters made and put it up on the notice boards and involved myself in to it. it was like the joy came back to me i was so happy i was working.
Deepa ma'am asked me one fine day if i ever get tired. i din't know what to say i stood there in amazement thinking to myself stumped by the question. thinking of all that i do sometimes even without knowing i'm doing it, shouting all day in class making announcements, running around for the chief guest, making posters, dropping suggestions bout the decorations, deciding the appropriate judges and yet going and attendind seminars... ah seems like a long list but its fun. at the end of the day i can proudly say i've had an eventful day...well i do get tired but i have a sound sleep if i've done something creative...touch wood.