Sunday, July 09, 2006

life never stops

its been only a year at christ and everything seems so familiar here.but things aren the same lots and yes i mean it looots has changed since last year.Since i'd entered college my seniors had been kind enough to show me what college is going to be like by mistake i let slip in that i was a big Barkha dutt fan and my dear classmate Sudeep (who isn't in christ anymore,i miss his pranks)told our seniors this and they caught me the next morning and surrounded me while the boss 'Payal' came out from the class and said "so,you want to be like barkha dutt hah?tell me when she was born???" and i was shocked...but life moved on and now payal is like my guiding light telling me what to do when and holding me when m going in the wrong direction...
well yeah things have changed and the thing i miss the most this year is the journalism class with the best teacher i've ever met Mr.Naresh can someone imagine a journalism class without him...but as things were destined to be i hate saying this but this is the worst thing that can ever was so much fun with him in the class.we'll miss it like hell and we're sad because we'll be missing one golden year with a man who redefined my aim for me...who showed me that journalism isn't just blabbering out the truth,its about living the truth and yet not showing it to the world...well gotta go have class now.