Tuesday, August 12, 2008

can I...

Do stars listen to you?
Can you swing from one star to the other?
Is it possible for you to eat chocolate all day without feelin guilty?
Can you eat butterscotch icecream all day and still have cravings for more?
Can you go to juhu beach everyday and eat the yummmm chat and pav bhaji there?
Can you stop talking about food when you know that all you get for dinner is dal, rice, rasam and sometimes the yum papad?
Can you change the topic whenever you want to?
Can you have a ‘tropical iceberg’ or ‘iced eskimo’ everytime you go to coffee day?
Can you always pull his cheeks and tell him that he’s sooooo cute?
Can you stop thinkin about what he might feel if you say somethin?
Can you tell him how much you love him everytime he says ‘hello’ or goes away for dinner?
Can you stop thinkin about him while riding or while sleepin under your blanket or while ur alone or while ur eatin or while ur workin or while ur writin this?
Can you stop smiling thinkin about somethin sweet that he said?
Can you stop smiling thinkin about the sweet nothings that he said?
Can you stop smiling thinkin about the things he might say?
Can you smile back from the computer?
Can you stop blushin when someone mentions him?
Can you stop saying weird things when he speaks?
Can you stop drifting away purposely?
Can you jump and hop between the clouds and skip and dance on the moon?
Can you hug someone you love really really tightly and feel the person’s presence?
Can you always, between breaks or when your alone, repeat his name in the silence and see how it sounds?
Can you see, touch, feel and express love?
Can you please please once get a chance to express your feelings, to tell the person that its really really him, that you totally are in love with him and that you can’t stop thinking about him and probably stuff some chocolate in to his mouth so he can’t say somethin mean like ‘I can’t reciprocate your feelings’?
Can you say somethin funny that makes him smile?
Can you just make things work for yourself?
Can you just stop asking things and acting weird and thinkin about things that might not happen?
Can you please give up hope?
Can you please stop this?
Can you please eat a butterscotch icecream?
Can you please not smile and cry at the same time?