Monday, September 15, 2008

I wonder and I wonder

What do you do when your sad to death?
Whom do you talk to?
Can you possibly explain all that you are going through to someone at all?
Is it possible that this someone will even understand?
Is it ok if this someone looks at it differently and doesn't understand the unfairness of the situation?
What do you do when you really really hate a person? Why do you say that you hate the person, when it is what she/he does that you actually hate?
Why do you hate it?
Do you hate it because its evil and nasty? Or do you hate it because whatever happened pises you off? Or do you hate it because its unfair?
Do you not like it when it happens to you only coz it happens to you? Or do you not like it when it happens to you and not the others?
Why are people unfair?
Why is there so much of partiality?
Why do ass-lickers get better stuff than those who choose to stay neutral?
Why can't you listen to the songs that you want to, when you want to?
Why do people choose to ignore your work just because you choose to work honestly instead of socialising and screaming in office?
Why does everyone hate you so much when you get a page one byline?
Why can't you just be yourself and still be happy?
Why can't people just leave you alone?
Why can't you just run away in the jungle, without anything or anyone?
Why can't things just pause when you want them to?
Why do you question?
Why so many why's?
Why no answers?
Why a start?
And why a conclusion?
Why a thought?
And why an action?
Why a feeling?
And why neutrality?
Why love?
And why none of it?
Why hatred?
And why more of it?
Why this sky?
And why no end to it?
Why the stars?
And why their death?
Why this life?
And why no end to it???
Why me?
And why... this nonsense?