Monday, June 02, 2008

*Nasty Grin*

I'm sooo happy!
Scene 1: At work, spoke to this dude! Apparently m not the only one with the same story. Oh how much happiness is over flowing. Hehe... Ok so here goes, apparently he worked as reporter for 3 yrs and applied here and was told "Ya We'll put you on to reporting Tomorrow, next week, next month" That never happened! And its been one whole year and 3 months and he's been on the desk, pretending like this's his dream job! He din ever let it slip that he's not likin it... it took some neat bit of my investigative reporting skills to get this bit of info out.

And now for the big one...
Story 2: Enjoyin yum dinner at office...another gal, same story, one year, no reporting, SHE QUIT!!!
wow, thats what i call proper revolution now i say. atleast someone's fighting it out, good
one shud do what one's made for, rather than accept whats being forced on them!
I'm in full mood of revolution!
wat fun it is...hehhee
This is labour man makin us do stuff v don want to!

Time for some action...Yahooness happening.