Monday, August 04, 2008

Peace out

Friday night was really fun, what with three really good music events happening in the city and although I was assigned to cover just two of them, the third one was something interesting so I went and I wasn’t disappointed, still it was just OK - nothing fascinating...
Anyway so I leave office at around 8 pm walk down to Sphaira and am looking for the PR guy. Guess who I find there - JD with two of his other friends, weird thing I thought coz he isn’t a big metal person. Hmmm so the event wasn’t going to be boring after all. Anyway I did the interviews, the guys were all nice - who isn’t when your getting free publicity. Anyway so they were all decent, nice and excited about the event. (If there’s one thing that I love about interviews, it is this - the interviewee is always excited to tell me his/her story, to answer all my questions and wants to tell me all about his/her life. I love that! Talking to people, knowing them and listening to their stories/ideas/perceptions. Anyway so these guys were so energetic and excited that for a change I din’t blame myself for the animated discussions. It was good knowing all of them. They kept telling me about their kind of music and how they compose their tracks. I love talking to the guys who write the lyrics, its always nice to get to know the story behind all those songs that people are going to enjoy.
OK so here goes, Ston’d went first - good vox, but the band as a whole were just OK.
Next were Corrode - well, the band looked pretty decent. Good tracks. Brilliant Vocals, I actually loved the effect that this band created. Experience and exposure would do the trick for them.
Spitfire went next, they were too good. Their’s was the only performance that got me off my feet (OK yeah I was sitting) and got me headbanging (inspite of the ‘oh-you-are-a-journalist-and-are-reviewing-the-performances-so-you-can’t-enjoy’ briefings that I was given by...ah lets just say colleagues and friends). I loved Vibhas (Drums), he was mind-blowing!
Slain went next and the crowd loved them. Especially for the vocalist. Judah, nice guy - His ideas about the kind of music they write was what struck me really. Interesting young band, have a good crowd support and are sure to make it big someday.
OK this is where I made a mistake - JD and Bharath (JD’s friend, who hates metal and loves hip-hop and was here I dono why-must be the beer) dragged me to the place where the bands were playing - we were standing right in front of the damn speakers and by the time slain got done I was shocked that I still had that thing bulging off my neck!!!
That's it I was done at sphaira. Could take no more and so we left and although the guys wanted to accompany me to the other events I din’t tell them I’m going. It was already 10:45 by the time we left I think and so I couldn't listen to Gutslit but of what I hear, their idea of having programmed drums (from their ipod) was really appreciated by the crowd and although deathgrind doesn’t have like a big audience, they played some really good stuff apparently.
Next stop was Kosmo, not a big lover of the genre Barker plays yet it was good. Sat for a while, found some friends and was in no mood for the gossip they were showering me with so I left.
Well I’m saying nothing about the last event. Was dead by the time I got back home and woke up with the worst headache I’ve ever had. All worth it tho except the sleep part (4th day without sleep, isn’t really fun trust me!)