Sunday, July 05, 2009

Magical moments :)

Sometimes things just happen and then when you wake up the next day, you don’t recognise the person you were the previous night. Its all nice and great to ‘go with the flow’ or ‘revel in the moment’ but what happens when the bubble bursts?
You change, they change, everything around you changes… or is it just you? Your perception, an experience you’ve had that will stick forever.
Is ‘having an experience’ about something really such a great thing? I mean, for instance you have a great relationship with someone and then you get dumped or things don’t work out and you breakup, you have an experience now and you’ll always keep running away from relationships, won’t you? If you tell me ‘That’s not true’ then I’ll say ‘Balls to you!’ and advice you to not read further.
Yea so this is about this strange thing that has been happening. Feels great but is so strange. I mean one conversation, there was undeniably some potential the last two times we spoke too, but one conversation, random, so much happened and I was left with just one thing to say – Magical. Nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. I think it is the music, the voice the feelings behind every word, there might be nothing actually, but then it just was so magical. So much in common, so much to say and yet we said nothing, I thought to myself,
Doesn’t music makes saying things you can’t, easier. Oh yea that’s confusing, but it did make sense that day, night whatever!
So well here we are, people telling you that its just a rebound, not one, but four, and what do you do? You go ahead. Why? Coz its just so perfect, there can’t be any hidden cosmic controversy here. Its all nice and cute and he’s just perfect.
You know you’ll be at the losing end again, don’t you? Yea, of course. But you still go ahead? Course, afterall, you dance when its time to dance and the mind should go when its time to dance. Oh and yea other dancers may be on the floor, (referring to someone and the other someone and the third someone) but my eyes will see only you.
DAMN why do things fall in place just when you don’t want them to!!!!?
And then I get back home at two and I sooo want to call AB and tell him how beautiful the whole night was and want to cry and laugh and explain how it was so much fun to whisper those stupid ‘sweet nothings’ to eachother and how it was the best evening I’ve EVER had but I don’t and go to sleep. I get a msg in the moring from AB telling me he’s breaking up with his babe! I mean whom do I tell this to now??? Why!
Anyway, for now I’m visibly ‘sway’ed.