Friday, July 21, 2006

when things change.

time changes...heard of it.
looks change....heard of it.
people change...??? well i haden't heard of it untill yesterday.
romal kept telling me last year that many people will come in to your life and many people will leave too,but i din't believe it.for me life was one sweet dream where everything and everyone i wanted to be with me were always there...but reality struck me takes very less time for me to know a person and get attached to him/her very soon.(emotionally attached) and when i see those people leaving me and going away its very very depressing.but as someones's said 'life goes on and things do change but the only thing that will never change is the feelings i have for u'...and so today morning when i was staring at that stupid girl in the mirror, i realised that i'll have to move on in life.