Sunday, July 06, 2008

when crushes happen!

Sometimes I wonder, in't it weird that when u r in love, the person u love seems to be the most beautiful person u've ever seen?

And if that is true then, everyone who is in love thinks that the person they love are beautiful! Well I was going thru this random blog about - "How to get over your crush?" and this blog, very prominently popped in to my face out o google. I read it... the blogger said,

"He is beautiful. He is the sweetest, most intelligent and funniest person to know, he's wonderful and the best personification of love! but while im gushing about this person i know he isnt gushing for me."

I was baffled! I couldn describe having a crush any better, your world seems to revolve around this person. Its the most weird feeling one can have and when u r feeling it, u don't seem to be bothered about sounding stupid or being 'UNREALISTIC' in my case!

Ok so I had been out covering this event last saturday night and I went mad laughing, it was a stand-up comedy show and this comedian did seem to know his stuff. He was perfect on stage! There hasn't been any other time in my life that I've laughed so much!

With all the problems at home and so many responsibilities, I seemed to have lost my personal touch to life. It was more like I existed and not lived. I had friends and relatives but all these years that I've been alive seem to pass by me like its happening to someone else and this person is coping with all these things and yet being alive. I hated those phases where things got worse at home. I cried myself to sleep every single night consoling myself that everything would change next morning but just woke up to realise each day how much I hate being at home! I left home early morning and came home late, even on holidays I either went to college and sat with a book or sat in my room at home with a book!

But now things have changed...sometimes I think it would be so much more better to just run away to nowhere but its so difficult with faces of everyone in my family popping up in front of my eyes...

anyway life moves on and things do change, I'm waiting for that one change...lets c when it comes.

The topic for this blog isn't that anyway!

Its my crush and how exciting that phase is... Haan so I met this comedian and had an interview with him- oh it was a telephonic and then was in touch thru mails and stuff and then that stage of oh-I-like-him-but-I-know-he-doesn-care came about and i tot i'm this worthless person and all and oh so much agony it was

but its so weird its almost like a circle, it starts and goes on and ends...just like that ends...! and u look back and think how stupid i've been!