Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sometimes you just have all the answers in your head and all ur doing it dodging the answers, trying to fight the pressure that 'the truth' puts on you and then you keep fighting and refusing to believe it and then 'the truth' becomes this mute entity, hanging like jesus christ does in a church. its there and its just there, regardless of whether u want to beleive in his presence or not. So anyway sometimes you have the answers and choose not to believe them, and at other times, someone shoves it down ur throat and you believe it. Weird isn't it???

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hooked to the giant

Sometimes you are so stuck to something that you can’t let go even when you want to and then the hook breaks. And after it breaks you wonder why you were pulling and tugging so much when you could have just stayed there quietly, being stuck… but happy.
And all you do is poke the giant every now and then, he doesn’t wake up, doesn’t do anything, just snores away. Then when you’re least expecting it the giant wakes up and rips your throat apart. Then, then well you die. Or remain a headless zombie all your life… But there’s no life. Damn! I wish the giant turned into a cute person, would be so much fun. Actually it’s an adorable giant so well I wonder why the giant gets offended everytime you mention something. Stupid big fat giant!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

white love...

Black and a deep shade of blue, and then the blast of redish pink, like the colour of the sky after the sun has set… sitting and watching colours swirl in front of you. Wait.
Were they colours or feelings?
Were they real or a dream?
Its anything but white, white stands for love right? A pure colour, but to have white love it takes you a lifetime and sometimes more… who said love was red? It can’t be, red love is incomplete love where your heart cries, white is the complete love without any expectations and without any combinations. It is just plain, clear and white… like pearls found deep down inside the ocean. hidden betwee layers and layers of sand and dirty water hitting past them a hundered million times, but when you find them and wipe them, they are WHITE without a crack or without turning brown and dirty...
White love