Sunday, July 29, 2007

lots of shit

well lots of shit happening!!! mis-understandings, accusations (false) and crappy stereotyping! why is it that always people tend to mis-understand circumstances and dont even make an effort to come and clear their doubts about another person (if its bothering them so much), before calling them offending names! all i told him was that the whole class is speaking bout u, and lo wat it is interpreted as is that i'm actually like snitchin? like after what happened last year i'm really really bothered to speak bout things like these! my own bloody friendly relations are screwed and ppl think i'm out there scrwing their realtions.
A two year long friendship, good times at mid day and pjs all lost in the unconscious, all that remains is the present memory of the insulting words she used. i respected her for what she is... i liked her as a good friend, someone whom i'd remember and want to know after college. but all ruined! its k life moves on and things do change but the only thing that will not change is the pleasant thing that we once shared...Friendship! peace out!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

makes sense...

"Good Life starts only when you stop wanting a better One"

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

friends turned foes...

I dono why but i think of my diary and blog only when i'm terribly dejected or sad... whats happenin around me... everything's just spilling past me like water and for no fault of mine. i seem to have been isolated and am so mis understood by everyone. and the worst part is that the people who till today were like my best pals have all withdrawn like as if i suddenly got off some communicable disease. shit this feels so sad and depressing man. but thats not the point the point is that though i keep saying that things aren fair and bull, today i'm actually going thru the unfairness. shit man the word hypocrite suddenly makes sense...i first thought that no one could be one but suddenly i seem to be surrounded by sooo sooo many of them. awww this feels terrible don wanna put up the reasons here but the point is that i got shortlisted in this cnbc talent search thing and have the jury round tomorrow i gotta be motivated or i'll majorly screw up and i don wanna do that... and i dono what i'll do in the interview tomo with such a rotton mood. awww i'm hating every moment of this.... i just wanna shout out loudly 'its NOT my fault...' i tried so hard to get these things in order but the point is forget the positives people just and just shun u for nothing!!! and moreover the food well ohhh don wanna write bout it here coz no one really wants to know nor does anyone care... what else? one more thing that is totally irrtating is the fact that this world is so ______ (i don ve a word) i mean every second on earth u have to prove urself to people i mean y cant i just be me and be happy? why do i always have to show the world that hello guys i exist too??? i mean like y??? shit i'm totally frustrated and i cant say how much this is helping. the point isnt that anyway the point is i don wanna be here i jus wanna run away to an unknown place and sleep for the rest of my life if i cant die... but i really want to i'm sick and i've had enough i mean yeah i read it somewhere that if everyone's turning against you n no one supports u u should persist so they know that ur not wrong but thats not the point here the point is that the world is full of unfair people and at times i'm one of them too but the point is its hard to face all this especially when 'ITS NOT YOUR FAULT' i'm so shattered don wanna stay in coll anymore will skip the third year if i ever get a chance jus don wanna be here...especially wit these people. jus realised how much i hate this place. ofcourse there are exceptions i still wanna be naresh sir's student and a part of his classes but a part of nothing other that!!! nothing else makes me want to stay here anymore. i don mind dropping out. guess i'll get a good job also have enough knowledge to start as a fresher in any organisation too... i don wanna do the third year will tell my parents today i jus hope they don mind... even if they mind i don care this place sucks i cant breathe here even for a moment so why should i stay in a place that i don like? i shall leave and be free someday. nothin against coll but jus the people!!!!