Friday, July 04, 2008

Live and Reporting!

Been almost a month that I've been reporting for the Metro Life, Deccan Herald. Its just the most wonderful job I've ever done!
I so love reporting, its a package of everything I always wanted!
Meeting new people, covering events in the city and writing!
It seems to me the most perfect job I could ever be in. I just had an offer from google and Mt, they offered me more than double of the salary that I get here and its been a tough time convincing myself that THIS is what I love doing. I know I'll still give my best at any other organisation I promise my services to but I'd rather do something I love than something that indirectly tempted me in to loving the job.
This place has major issues that need to be demotivators but these same reasons are making me firm about giving my best!
Reporting is what I've loved and will always love it!

Also when in college, I so din't realise the major differences between working in a print or electronic media company. Now, I so do!
One thing however remains the same, and I speak from experience - the B's are the same...a big nose, fat and borin ;)