Monday, September 11, 2006

why am i here?

its been a long time since i posted somethin... saw lzafeer's blog and got inspired to post. well all of us(atleast lazy bums like me) need their share of inspiration.
a hell lota things happening nowadays. in to this media relations thing and its like half my time i'm in the media lab or running around in the buses to give in the press releases. aayio its becoming a pain now...i dont really like this kinda life dono what on earth had gotten in to me that i landed up here doin journalism...probably a peaceful happy calm life is what i'd dreamt of and here i am... in to a field where expecting a peaceful life would be impossible...
but its damn cool too sit around with friends doin nothing basically... saurabh,jd ,malli and me oh my god what fun v all have...will always treasure these moments.
u'll find us all round college at one point of time we're happily swinging on the cafeteria chairs and the other minute we're in the food court jus lazing around...dono what keeps us so long in college but its jus solid fun.
and then the ripping on the bikes oh god never had such friends and anever had such fun...