Thursday, September 25, 2008

There has to be a picture for the blah feeling. This is the longest i’ve felt so blah. And the worst part is that its so difficult to define it, its just so weird.
Anyway this is not the purpose of this post (that i've been planning for over an eternity now)
I'm in two minds about what the most important thing of the week was, there are two crucial things that happened. First - I'm quitting Deccan Herald and joining Deccan Chronicle and Second - I've finally spoken about a million things that were hiding somewhere deep down. Both have left a deep impact and are extremely conflicting experiences. Since I haven't really been able to understand and analyse what the actual feelings are, I won't go in to explaining the feelings just yet.
But briefly, quitting isn't an easy job. took me all the courage in the world to go up to my boss and tell her that I've decided to leave. Not because of any personal issues (which were many if you really come to think of it) but its more because this was my first job, my first experience of working in an organizational set up, a place where I had to sort my issues out - all by myself, where my decisions were left to me, a place where I learnt a few important lessons of life and a place where i've made a few sensible friends - at office and via gtalk. So the sentimental fool that I am, I don't feel ashamed of saying that I will really miss this place, my computer, the coffee, the sensible conversations with so many people who've come here from different places. People who've guided me, people who've misguided me, people who've tried to pull me out of problems, people who've tried to put me in trouble, people whom i've shared a joke with, people who've shared jokes with me, people whom I spoke to over evening coffee, people whom I made fun of, people who made fun of me, people who told me that i'm a stupid kid who knows nothing, people who said they see the spark in my eye, people who said I'm just a stupid hyper chick and people who told me that they haven't seen someone being so endlessly passionate about their work, people whom I went to, to get some advice, people who came to me for advice, people who made the most amazing puliogray ever and people who agreed that the best thing about DH is the canteen (which serves the most amazing food for so cheap - Rs. 35 per month). So well yeah I'm going to be missing everything big time, but one has to move on and so will I probably. The new office isn't far and I don't have a clue about the work environment there - which is good in a certain way coz surprizes are always interesting, disappointment isn't (no I can't be all positive and think it'll all be perfectly fine) But i'm in for the surprize/dissapointment whatever it is - coz challenges are damn interesting and this is a big gamble, it sure won't be easy, but won't be that difficult...
Wasn't I not suppose to elaborate on the feeling??? :P

Anyway the second big event of the week, well I think sometimes, ONLY sometimes its ok to discuss stuff with someone you can trust. Its all weird coz you don't know how the person is reacting but then in this case I'm glad I was speaking to someone who isn't a narrow minded fool who looks at things only in a certain way.
For now, its a wait and watch situation and just something more important to find out, so will complete this post later.