Thursday, March 13, 2008

expectations and hopes

its been like 3 years that i've been in christ college
i got my slam filled by a few ppl... most of them wrote that i'm actually a nice person but i'm misunderstood a lot by its kinda good to know tat ppl know tat i'm not really the person i'm made out to be or look like.
anyway its nice to read these things ppl write.
its the last full day we have and i'm so so pissed!!!
people just so underestimate you sometimes...take things for granted but they dont realise that every human being deserves respect and by not giving him that respect your just proving that you think your superior to others and are so above them that u dont really care whether they get offended or feel bad about things.
anyway i dono i so dont feeling like saying this rite now but 'its all a part of life and whether i like it or not i have to survive with this feeling.